The Highlight Reel

We just past another two weeks down here and I can hardly believe how quickly the time is passing. I guess that means we are doing a good job at staying busy. That said, it’s time for the highlight reel.

Last Saturday our friend, Martin, played a show for Valentine’s Day. A solo guitar gig of his own music. He did a great job. Nice unique style. To add to the ambiance we ordered a bottle of wine. Seeing that the place was called the Winery, it seemed appropriate. Server comes out, wine, no wine key. Problem one. Returns, but turns his back, pulsating in strange ways until we finally inquire about the wine. Problem two. He was attempting to open the wine by pulling it straight out of the bottle through the plastic. It obviously wasn’t working. Did I mention that he had worked up a sweat. I couldn’t stand it, so I jumped in a bit aggressively, opened the wine, poured the wine, and the poor guy stood there apologizing profusely, still sweating. The wine was good.

We had a great relaxing Velentine’s Day. A little pep talk about the power of flowers goes a long way. They smelled nice too.

We joined the climbing gym. Not quit the same as Ibex in Blue Springs. It is a partial warehouse, so open air, with the bolts screwed into well aged particle board, old pads made out of plastic covered mattresses. Some ripped exposing springs and old foam. And everything covered in 20 years of chalk, dust, and dirt. We quickly decided that harnesses would not be necessary. We are sticking to bouldering.

Other then that, Todd, with his master google skills found out about the first ever Mendoza half marathon. I know, super exciting right. Not my first thought, but since I have started running again and after I stopped laughing, I figured what the hell. So, we are in half marathon training. A little over two weeks to go, March 14th. Don’t know if I will make it the whole way, especially since part of the run is up the Cerro. But, I will give it my all.

Winemaker night was awesome this week. It featured Bodega Carmelo Patti with Carmelo himself there to talk about the wine. He is an absolute character. He values his product so much that he is willing to let it age, in the bottle for 3 to 4years before it is released into the market. The cost of doing such a thing is outrageous but since his name is on the bottle, he won’t have it any other way. Time pays off. The tasting was vertical so we tasted two Malbecs, two Cabs, and two blends from different years. The comparison was fun as was the atmosphere. Great wine, a cheese platter, and plenty of questions with witty answers. Overall, fabulous!

Last night we had a little fiesta for our friend Dan. It was a birthday/going away party. We managed to wrangle up a couple of friends, some old, some new. Since I love throwing parties, I was pumped. There was menu planning and cleaning, and wine drinking. We had a lovely bowl of Doritos for the appetizer. Not my first choice, but in the interest of simplicity (Todd’s word for keeping it on the cheap side), I rolled with the idea. And Dan loves himself some Doritos. I made some killer lasagna with garlic bread, salad, and brownies with whiskey ice cream for dessert. Must say it was a hit. As was the party. Not according to our landlord, but we made peace with a pretty bouquet of flowers.

So, we are getting in the swing of things down here. The 5hr siesta still throws me off, as does the lack of pedestrian friendly streets, or the fact that two people can take up an entire sidewalk, but what place doesn’t have its qwirks. The weather is starting to change from blistering heat to wonderful fall like conditions. It’s nice. Harvest has started. With most of the whites already harvested and red awaiting the same fate. So with wine harvest comes Vendimia, the festival of wine. Festivities start this weekend and continue through March. Climaxing with the crowning of the Vendimia queen. It’s huge, so it should be a fun couple of weeks. Tomorrow off for a long run and then to a Cafe to access the internet, since it is not currently working in the apartment. Hopefully, they fix that problem before it turns into the same 3week wait, like the cable, but I don’t see much happening in a timely manner down here. Oh, well. Looking forward to a great weekend!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, saw an add for Mc Donald’s the other day. Down here you an get meat empanades, Argentine version of a hamburger and for the finale, vino. It’s called the “Sabores Mendocinos” or Taste of Mendoza. Made me laugh.

2 thoughts on “The Highlight Reel”

  1. I’m pleased that Martin’s “concert” went well. Certainly wish that I could have stayed. The Winery is such a nice place I’m surpprised the staff didn’t know how to open a bottle!
    Winemaker night seems to have been better this last time than the one I experienced. The landlady wasn’t mad about the party…she was retaliating for the open window in the hall.

  2. I know, not knowing how to open a bottle of wine at the Winery seems a gross oversight in the training manuel. Poor guy.

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