Birthday Shananigans

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I am officially 29years old. 28 was an incredible year; a kick off party hosted by Colleen was shortly followed there after by the beginning of our trip. This time last year we were preparing for the big Latin American portion of the trip. Argentina seemed so far away, but so did Mexico City at that point.

Erin's 29th BirthdayAs for the birthday, Todd had a couple of surprises up his sleeve. The night before he warned me about opening the refrigerator. I have never been one to peak, but just in case this year I decided to change my mind he latched two quick draws together creating a ‘lock’ on the fridge. It was pretty funny. Well, turns out there was some good stuff in that fridge. To start with, mimosa supplies including strawberries for garnish. Fabulous! Secondly, cheddar cheese. So exciting, although it does taste a little different from what we have at home. But, still bright orange, so close enough given where we are. And finally, bacon! All of these extraordinarily fabulous ingredients went into a massive breakfast feast. Which included breakfast burritos and a beautiful fruit salad, multiple pots of coffee, and two bottles of bubbly mimosas. Couldn’t have been a better morning. Oh yes it could, because the ambience was set by my new Latin pop CD’s Todd got me for my birthday. Awesome!

Erin's 29th BirthdayFrom there, we both reached an immediate food coma. But I did manage to talk to my folks and a couple other well wishers. It is so great that we can just talk like we were in the same city. Technology never ceases to amaze me. After some downtime, aka back to bed, we rallied. It was time for cake. I had picked out a bakery called Via Civit for the pastry portion of the birthday. Choosing the most delicious looking chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and an espresso I was set. It was a tad ambitious even with Todd’s help. We had to accept decadent defeat and wrapped up the remaining cake for later. The lady also gave me a taste of a lemon curd and strawberry fruit tart. I think that may be my most favorite dessert combination. Once home, we settled in for a relaxing afternoon.

That evening we went out to dinner. Todd had picked a place that I had never even seen before, but it didn’t open until 9pm. So, we walked around the neighbourhood, taking in the sights and enjoying the beautiful evening. We split a quick beer at outside a chicken delivery spot. It is amazing the type of random places you can sit and drink a beer here. After our beer we wandered back to the restaurant only to determine that pizza was not what we wanted. Erin's 29th BirthdayAfter wandering around a bit longer, we decide on Sancho’s, an Argentine parrilla. Which meant we were in for some meat. We ordered a bottle of wine and enjoyed the ambience. Todd’s sweetbreads were amazing. Who thought this once picky eater would like thyroid glands. Must be my new 29year old palate.

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday. Todd treated me like a queen, rightfully so. Another year down. 28 was huge; on the road travelling south through Latin America. 29 celebrated in Mendoza. I don’t feel old, I feel alive. Each year seems to get better and better!

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! I can’t believe it’s been a year since Colleen’s birthday bash for you and that you’ve been gone almost a year now. Wow! I’m glad you enjoyed the wonderful birthday you deserve!

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