Oh happy day!!!

We are sitting here eating cheezits. There is a case of movies waiting to be watched. It is an amazing day. A package sent on Feb 2nd, from our wonderful friends Ryan and Leah Shea, finally arrived on March 22nd. That’s only 48 days or so. The wait was worth it because now I’m brushing my teeth with cheezits. Hooray!!!

2 thoughts on “Oh happy day!!!”

  1. That’s hilarious. As a side note of context I actually had the post office conduct an investigation and they concluded that it was lost and Argentina had no record of it. The claims form is actually sitting in my kitchen. I’m so glad it was found. Happy Day!!!

  2. Yay! I’m glad it was found too… And I love the picture. I wish I was surrounded by Cheez-Its.

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