Random Unconnected Morning Thoughts Pre-coffee

Yesterday walking home from the grocery store, not the close one, the super big Carrefour that is also super far away.  Anyway, walking and talking and lugging our goods home when we see little red droplets on the sidewalk.  Splattered in a curvy manner creating a little trail for us to follow.  Todd with his infinite wisdom said he thought someone was bleeding.  While, I chose to think that someone’s box o’wine had sprung a leak.  Didn’t take long before we realized Todd was the winner.  All of a sudden we see this older lady, pushing the call buttons to get into an apartment, apparently hers, as blood pores from her leg.  It was like when your lawn hose gets a leak and shoots water in one straight shot with high pressure.  Now, add that the spurts were in time with her heart beat and you get super gross.   So much blood.  We offered up some of the tp we just bought, but all in all she didn’t really even seem bothered.  Finally, a lady came out, prepped with massive pieces of gauze.  This must not have been the first time.  Anyway, it was weird and uber icky to say the least.

Also, last night after an amazing 50% of wine happy hour at the Vines we saw a huge group of people on a 7 church tour.  Some holding candles, some participating in a walking confession with the priest, while others just enjoyed the moment.   It was solemn.  A lot of the participants were younger kids, which I found to be surprising.  I may not be an active participant in the Catholic Church right now, but it was refreshing to see such a powerful showing from a community.  An unabashed sense of belief.  It made me smile.

As for wine, our friend Julia or should I say wine insight insider, steered us toward two wines that were not on the list, but recently opened.  I enjoyed a the wonderful Gran Estirpe Malbec 2004 from Chacras de Coria.  It was simply a beautiful expression of a Malbec; sweet black fruit start, well balanced, good tannin structure with a long spicy finish.  And at $75p or $24US it was rightfully delicious.  Todd enjoyed a brilliant Bordeaux blend from Bressia.  The Conjuro 2006, 50%Malbec, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot.  My mouth almost didn’t realize what a true expression of a Bordeaux blend tasted like, but now I remember.  Yum! It will open up in a couple of years but the silk texture was just right for this moment.  It was delightful.

Other quick unrelated notes: I am going to miss the crustless white bread.  Pair that with a slice of cheese, butter, then bread, ham, more butter and another piece of bread.  A quick delicious empty carb meal.

But for now, we are prepping for the Final Four games.  Snack list ready for prep, beer purchased, internet activated.  Good day Saturday!

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  1. There are so many things that are missed when they are left behind; only to discover that there are new things at every turn

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