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Hello. Welcome. If you’re here, you probably actually know me or Erin already. So you’re not really wondering what we’re like, what our favorite color is, or how many bottles of wine we can drink in a sitting. You’re probably here because you’re checking in to see how we’re doing.

Our plan for this trip is to arrive in Zanzibar on August 4th and leave Cape Town on December 22nd. We’ll pass through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. When we get to Cape Town, we’ve arranged through WWOOF to work on a biodynamic (read: ultra-organic) farm with an attached inn/guesthouse. We’re also planning on taking motorcycle lessons while we’re in the area because neither of us know how to ride.

Then we’re heading back to the states. Idaho for Christmas with the family, Santa Fe for a wedding, Missoula for some partying, then Kansas City to wait for the weather to warm up. When the weather is sufficiently warm, we’ll hop on our newly purchased bikes and start heading south. The plan is to make it to Argentina. We might make it, we might not. But it’ll be fun trying at least.

This website is where we, if all goes to plan (which it normally does not), will write about what we’ve seen, where we’ve got, and if you’re lucky, actual pictures documenting the places we’ve seen. Stories without pictures may as well be fiction. The belief just isn’t as possiblicitious.

Feel free to put comments on anything up here, it’s always nice to know people are actually using it!

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Erin and Todd,
Super website – and even better adventures. Thanks – I very much enjoy reading your stories.

See you someday,

(Erin’s Uncle) Bill

I promise we will return one day and then we can share the stories in person. Erin is the best storyteller. Her eyes expand to saucers as she gets so excited that she forgets how to express things in words, so she makes up for it in facial expressions and hand gestures. It’s great.

Hi Uncle Bill,
Great to hear from you. Thanks for commenting, we both get really excited when people leave comments. I hope all is well in Texas. The website has been a lot of fun, my lack of censorship may eventually get me in trouble. But the newness of this adventure leaves my eyes wide and the words uncensored. Oh well!

Hi Erin and Todd…..
What an incredible journey you two are making!
Love reading the blog and following your great adventures! You are both great writers!
Hey,check out Ashley’s blog,
when you have the chance.
Your stories have a similar ring.
Keep on writing, have a blast and stay safe!

It was so much fun having you both her for a month where we could show you the best of Malawi. There is more to see, but we put a good dent in appreciating the beauty and culture of Malawi. The best part was just getting together and tasting some of the excellent South African wines. We look forward to tasting more of those with you and exploring South Africa with you in November,

Love, DAD

Hi Erin and Todd,
What a fun and fabulous journey you are on. Continue to have such wonderful and exciting times and I will check back for your posts 🙂 You are both great writers and I really enjoyed hearing about your stories. I can picture you learning how to ride the motorcycle Erin. 🙂 I sure do miss you but am so happy you are having such a wonderful time and look forward to giving you both a big hug! Have a great time and stay safe and happy!

Aunt Lisa

Erin and Todd.
Hey this is Nick, from Todd’s Rolling Wheels class this is all just amazing stuff. I hope this finds you well. You guys write so vividly I feel as if Im actually there. Great pics too.

Good luck and be safe

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